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Introduction[edit | edit source]

For the past year I've been working on an otclient version with all the original 7.x client details and bug fixes. Spent about $700 in bug fixes and particular details with about half of the fixes being done by me. I've only been using git commits for the past 5 or so months, so any entries earlier than that in the changelogs are estimates. Entries are sorted chronologically. I will also avoid getting into specifics about less known bugs, mechanics and fixes.

Screenshot of classicotclient Oct 2020

Status[edit | edit source]

The client is pretty much done as of February 2021. Still working on a couple of minor issues.

Changelogs[edit | edit source]

Pre git (2020)[edit | edit source]

  • Full original client interface with tons of bugs and issues
  • Original mechanics fixes (unique fix / not fixed by any of the big boy clients except for Medivia)
  • Added missing hotkeys
  • Disabled some 8.x UI features
  • Added Show Server Messages (later lost)
  • Security rewrite
  • Removed init.lua among other things
  • Debugging system
  • Other custom internal functions to aid with debugging
  • Reworked lighting
  • More security features (obfuscation)
  • Tons of reworking UI details and bugs; colors, accuracy of UI, UI mechanics, etc
  • More fixes and UI reworking (windows can no longer be moved around, can't exit or use other widgets with menu open, etc)
  • Tons of more bugs and UI fixes; hotkeys list UI working properly among other others
  • Option for file encryption
  • Fixed bug with paralyze

Post git (October 2020)[edit | edit source]

  • Large git update (Showing 861 changed files with 1,413 additions and 135,620 deletions)
  • Added Edit Mark for minimap (I usually avoid getting into specifics, but this one is pretty trivial)
  • Minor UI fix, optimizations, name and UI information can always be seen in darkness
  • Fixed hotkeys order
  • More details: all sorting options working, all right click options working in the correct order, etc
  • General otclient mechanic fix (I believe this has been fixed in newest otclient)
  • Original text, fixed bug reporting mechanic, removed bugged otclient features that I won't need, fixed useWith properly for original real map server
  • Added updateTile mechanic
  • Minor fix
  • Cam system with oldschool playback features
  • Fixed bad parseRemoveThing code
  • More UI fixes
  • Changed from static libs to Okke's dynamic DX9/OpenGL libs, turn out this also improves some obfuscation features
  • Removed aiming on players from battle list, internal fix for working with real map server, minor UI fix, can now load external files again
  • Added exp/hour bar and fixed less known but important mechanic (not even Medivia has fixed this -- edit: Realesta is the only server I've tried that's got this fixed, but they have tons of other things not working)
  • Fixed pathing bug ( -- Diath incorrectly marked this as a duplicate of bug report #840)
  • More UI fixes (Feb 13)
  • Autowalk interruption fix (Feb 15)
  • ESC now only closes window if window is open instead of sending autowalkStop (Feb 17)
  • Re-added Show Server Messages (Feb 17)
  • Fixed inventory minimize/maximize (Feb 18)
  • Changed keyboard repeat delay (Feb 18)
  • Cam system now works for protocol version 10.98 and probably any other protocol version >= 7.7 (Feb 21)
  • 2 more UI mechanical fixes (Feb 22)