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For the past year I've been working on an otclient version with all the original 7.x client details and bug fixes. Spent about $700 in bug fixes and particular details with about half of the fixes being done by me. I've only been using git commits for the past 5 or so months, so any entries earlier than that in the changelogs are estimates. Entries are sorted chronologically. I will also avoid getting into specifics about less known bugs, mechanics and fixes.

Screenshot of classicotclient Oct 2020


The client is pretty much done as of February 2021. Still working on a couple of minor issues and making cam system work with 10.98, I'm also aware of one minor/medium purely visual bug with autowalking when autowalking is heavily abused, not sure if I care enough to get this fixed.


Pre git (2020)

  • Full original client interface with tons of bugs and issues
  • Original mechanics fixes (unique fix / not fixed by any of the big boy clients except for Medivia)
  • Added missing hotkeys
  • Disabled some 8.x UI features
  • Added Show Server Messages (later lost)
  • Security rewrite
  • Removed init.lua among other things
  • Debugging system
  • Other custom internal functions to aid with debugging
  • Reworked lighting
  • More security features (obfuscation)
  • Tons of reworking UI details and bugs; colors, accuracy of UI, UI mechanics, etc
  • More fixes and UI reworking (windows can no longer be moved around, can't exit or use other widgets with menu open, etc)
  • Tons of more bugs and UI fixes; hotkeys list UI working properly among other others
  • Option for file encryption
  • Fixed bug with paralyze

Post git (October 2020)

  • Large git update (Showing 861 changed files with 1,413 additions and 135,620 deletions)
  • Added Edit Mark for minimap (I usually avoid getting into specifics, but this one is pretty trivial)
  • Minor UI fix, optimizations, name and UI information can always be seen in darkness
  • Fixed hotkeys order
  • More details: all sorting options working, all right click options working in the correct order, etc
  • General otclient mechanic fix (I believe this has been fixed in newest otclient)
  • Original text, fixed bug reporting mechanic, removed bugged otclient features that I won't need, fixed useWith properly for original real map server
  • Added updateTile mechanic
  • Minor fix
  • Cam system with oldschool playback features
  • Fixed bad parseRemoveThing code
  • More UI fixes
  • Changed from static libs to Okke's dynamic DX9/OpenGL libs, this turn out aiding obfuscation features
  • Removed aiming on players from battle list, internal fix for working with real map server, minor UI fix, can now load external files again
  • Added exp/hour bar and fixed less known but important mechanic (not even Medivia has fixed this)
  • Fixed pathing bug ( -- Diath incorrectly marked this as a duplicate of bug report #840)
  • More UI fixes (Feb 13)
  • Autowalk interruption fix (Feb 15)
  • ESC now only closes window if window is open instead of sending autowalkStop (Feb 17)
  • Re-added Show Server Messages (Feb 17)
  • Fixed inventory minimize/maximize (Feb 18)
  • Changed keyboard repeat delay (Feb 18)
  • Cam system now works for protocol version 10.98 and probably any other protocol version >= 7.7 (Feb 21)
  • 2 more UI mechanical fixes (Feb 22)