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Open Tibia is an open source form version of the proprietary and commercial game Tibia by Cipsoft.

Open Tibia started out with the project OTServ. Later on TFS, a fork of OTServ, would replace it around the same time that the original community website for Open Tibia was abandoned around 2007-2008 for

There has been allegations that OTFans was abandoned at least in part due to DDoS attacks from OTLand.

At the time the popularity of OTServ was in heavy decline, while TFS was growing rapidly. Since OTLand was the official support forum for TFS, they eventually took over the community.

Talaturen, the owner and founder of OTLand, has claimed to have donated money to OTFans later on in order to save OTFans and their historic data. Only a couple people now holds the archived database of OTFans, one of them being STiX.

Since then a lot of alternative servers and software has been developed, though TFS is still the most popular server software in use to this day.

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