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OTLand is an Open Tibia web forum that was started around 2007 in opposition to OTFans. Both forums would ban/censor the mention of each other's forums for years using ***** to replace the names, this effort likely ending around the time that OTFans shutdown their website around 2013.

In recent years (ca. 2015-2020) OTLand has been acting totalitarian in nature: actively, unapologetically, and most recently in October 2020 openly trying to censor all alternative Open Tibia communities[1][2], sporadically changing their rules or making up rules on a whim, vague and broad interpretations of their rules (making even a single joke is now considered "trolling" if the joke is at the expense of anyone in charge or any zealous supporters), dividing the community by treating anyone voicing questions, concerns or criticism of any sort as enemies of otland[3] while shifting the blame back on the community for supposedly "creating drama" when asking questions in public (questions in private are usually ignored or met with the comment "read the rules").

OpenTibia.dev was founded as an alternative to OTLand in October of 2020 due to excessive censorship/totalitarian policies and a complete lack of interest in reform or other constructive action on OTLand's part.

OTLand runs the commercial forum software Xenforo and Gitbook for their wiki.

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